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Pregnant for The 4th of July

Being in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy during the holidays can be difficult at times.

It adds a whole new element to the definition of tired when activities are endless. And when you have other children at home you want to do your best to still ensure the holiday feels special for them (whatever that means to you).

Each holiday comes with its own challenges but for me the biggest challenge of the 4th of July in South Carolina is the heat! I want to attend a parade but with the influx of tourists and regular population a 1-hour parade turns into a 4-hour event with at least 2 of those hours being spent outside in the blazing sun and relentless humidity.

I usually don’t complain about the heat because my husband and I moved South to escape the cold weather. But when I am 30 weeks pregnant and attempting to chase around a 5-year-old and 3-year-old at the same time the heat can be extra exhausting.

This year we will be forgoing any big outings for the 4th of July and instead of decided to bring the festivities to our home!

5 Ways to Celebrate The 4th of July at Home

  1. Decorate your home in red, white and blue. The more flags the better. And don’t forget a fun outfit!

  2. Plan a picnic style lunch or dinner for your family to enjoy including a fun treat.

  3. Get some kid-friendly 4th of July activities – we like sparklers, Pop-Its and silly string.

  4. Buy your own fireworks to light off in your yard. Even the small fountains are fun for young kids.

  5. Have your own mini-parade by decorating your bikes or a wagon a taking a stroll/ride around the neighborhood.

Celebrating at home gives you the opportunity to rest and relax when needed, along with having a place to cool down and stay hydrated.

Pregnant or not, what are your 4th of July 2021 plans?

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