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Your New Life Resides on the Other Side of a Hypnobirth

Hello! Thank you for visiting. My name is Holly. Mom to two, soon to be three little boys, and a Border Collie named Loki. Wife to my mechanical engineer husband Chris. Living out our dream life in Charleston, South Carolina.

I have been thinking for weeks about what the perfect first blog post is (though I don’t think such a thing exists) and just could not put my finger on it. Then it came to me.

What started this whole new life path for me? What caused my shift in perspective? What raised my confidence?

The answer… hypnobirthing.

Finding a Hypnobirthing Class

I have struggled with anxiety for a long time. For the most part, I was able to manage it without it crippling my daily life, but when I became pregnant with my first son and his birth

inched closer and closer my pregnancy anxiety reared its ugly head. I could barely sleep. I began having panic attacks about the labor and birth process and thinking I was not going to be strong enough to do it.

I had taken the standard childbirth education classes through my OB office and even took an additional class on unmedicated pain relief options to ensure my information arsenal was full. I had read all of the baby preparation books and felt totally informed about common interventions, what would happen when I arrived at the hospital, ways to help deal with the pain of labor and birth, and how to take care of my newborn.

What all the classes I had taken and books I had read were missing was the mindset piece. Not once did it mention that how I subconsciously viewed labor and birth would likely be my fate no matter how much I prepared the standard way.

I began searching Google for other birth preparation methods. I kept seeing this word: hypnobirthing. What is hypnobirthing? I thought to myself. Can hypnobirthing be practiced at home? Is hypnobirthing for Dads? (I knew my husband was getting nervous as well). Does hypnobirthing work?

Then I found it. The missing piece of the puzzle. Online hypnobirthing modules through The Calm Birth School. It covered hypnobirthing breathwork, hypnobirthing affirmations for a positive birth, birth empowerment, birth advocacy, and the hypnobirthing course also included hypnobirthing relaxation tracks.

I read all the reviews and watched the introductory video - I was pretty sure this was it. This wasn’t going to be another class or book telling me how to prepare for interventions but rather a class to teach me how to overcome my negative beliefs about childbirth and teach me that I could trust my body and baby to do this.

I worked through the online hypnobirthing course in a week. I did all the exercises assigned as homework. I reflected on my own experiences and beliefs about labor and birth. I began a daily birth affirmation and relaxation practice. I learned I can say no to my OB if things don’t feel right. I acquired the knowledge to listen to my body.

When it came to my 26-hour labor I was ready. I remained in a zone of relaxation. I rode my contractions like waves on the sea.

Was it pleasant the whole time? No. Did I feel in control? Yes. Did I fire my first OB resident? Yes. Did I listen to my body instead of the doctors? Yes. Did I have a birth that changed my life? YES!

Two New Souls were Born

How Hypnobirthing Changed Me

My birthing process not only birthed a baby, but a sovereign woman. A woman who now had the confidence to stand up for herself. A woman who made sure her feelings were ahead of a physician (who would aid in the birth of 20+ more babies that shift). A woman who felt so empowered, she could have done the whole labor and birth process over again that very moment. A woman who, for the first time, embodied her truth, her passion, her mother energy, her life.

Without hypnobirthing I would not have remained relaxed when the labor experience took so many turns (more on my birth story later). I would not have learned the importance of relaxation and giving myself 20 minutes each day to focus on my mental health. I would not have gained the confidence, strength and knowledge to be talking to you today.

It is so great to meet you virtually!

If you have a pregnancy and birth story you would like to share or are interested in learning more about my hypnobirthing or Mindful Breastfeeding Classes, please e-mail me at

I hope you will continue to catch up with me each week as I discuss all things pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, post-partum, parenting, life as a working Mom to three little boys and wife to a hard working man who loves to push my buttons.


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